These are the most commonly asked questions I get about the process of getting married by a Justice of the Peace in CT and what I can offer as an officiant. If your question isn’t answered or you just want more a more detailed explanation, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask me directly.

What documentation do I need to bring to apply for the marriage license?

You’ll only need photo ID such as a license or passport. CT does NOT require any other paperwork, including divorce decrees if this is a subsequent marriage.

What is the turn around time on the whole process?

It varies from city to city as there is no CT state law requiring a waiting or processing period but they have different processing times; typically the license is ready either the next day or prepared while you wait. Similarly, there are no laws specifying what the ceremony must consist of thus it can be as short as a couple of sentences on up to as long as you can imagine. At the shortest end of the time frame, I’ve done many weddings where from the time the couple walked in the door of the town clerk’s office till they walked out married with certificate in hand, it was less than one hour.

I’m from out of state, can I get married in CT?

Yes, anyone who meets the basic requirements for marriage (show here on the CT State website) is eligible to be married in the state regardless of residency be it another US state or another country.

Does CT do same sex marriages?

Yup, we’ve been able to do them since Nov. 12th 2008, due to the findings of the CT State Supreme Court. A few months later, the state legislature passed a bill that replaced all language in state marriage laws to conform with the equality of same sex marriage in a show of legislative support for the judicial ruling. Finally, the governor signed the bill into law, thus bringing all three branches of government in line behind the support of marriage equality.

Where can I find more info on the specific laws surrounding marriage in CT?

This is a great little document that covers almost everything, including example case rulings. It’s also cited extensively if you need even greater detail. CT Law Library: Marriage in Connecticut

Will you dress up in armor/swing from a tree/marry us underwater/etc.?

As long as you provide or pay for any fancy stuff I’d need to do it, then I’d love to! Besides the fact that I think it’s fun to do offbeat or “alternative” ceremonies, at the end of the day it’s your wedding, not mine and it should be celebrated in whatever way makes you happiest.

Getting Married in NYC?

In addition to being a CT Justice of the Peace, I’m also a registered officiant in New York City. I don’t do near as many weddings there as I do in CT, but I’m always happy to when asked. The laws are a bit different in NY than in CT so while my process is the same no matter where the ceremony takes place, your legal process is different. Just shoot me an email and I’m happy to go over that process with you in more detail.