CT law does not dictate a specific fee for JPs to use in doing wedding ceremonies and thus I’ve found that different people charge very different amounts. At the end of the day, I like for our relationship to feel friendly and ¬†warm rather than transactional and sterile, unfortunately I do still need to pay my bills and so I have to get paid. I typically give couples a range and ask that they pay me something that feels fair and reasonable for them. You know far better than I do how much you’re spending on the wedding and what your life circumstances are. I’d much rather do a wedding on my front steps for $20 than have a couple not get married because they can’t afford to. That said, if you are a millionaire, feel free to buy me a boat.

As a general range of what I typically get paid; for a quick informal ceremony at city hall or a public park it’s usually from $100-$300, while for a more formal/traditional affair I typically get $300-$600. But again, these are just estimates, not hard rules and I’m happy to work with you on making things fit within your wedding budget. Generally speaking, I’d just like to cost more than the broccoli haha.